Two words – Social Business.

In the world today, corporations can have more influence than governments. In this capacity, companies can promote change relating to societal problems by creating businesses that can make an impact on such issues.

Businesses need to take on causes that utilize their talents/products/services that aren’t profit motivated. They need to invest in social objectives instead. For example, Grameen partnered with Danone (the yogurt company) to develop a yogurt that could taste go0d, costs almost nothing for consumers but provides for the children of Bangladesh nutrients that they wouldn’t necessarily get otherwise. And what does Dannone get out of this?

Their initial investment that funded the company.

In social business, the initial investment is recouped with any dividends accrued (the business must make a profit) go back into the business so that it can become sustainable initiative.

Using this model, Grameen has partnered with Veolia Water to create water filtration plants to provide clean water for people, created a health care service where people can have access to eye care (blindness from cataracts happens far too often) and more. Millions are being helped across the country.

This initiative can hopefully one day lead to eliminating poverty throughout the world.


A final note: Tomorrow we head for home – forty hours of travel time (23 hours flying). Thanks for ‘riding along’ with me as I embarked on this journey. I hope you enjoyed reading about it, learned a little, and maybe even feel that you’d like to be a catalyst for change in your own communities.

I’ll see you in the states 🙂