Ahh…what can I say about the neighborhood I’m in? Today Mike and I took a walk around the hotel in search of an ATM. It had rained and was muddy. We saw the various food vendors and homeless children, one sleeping on an overpass.

We crossed the crazy street traffic several times (such rebels I know) and when we happened upon the ATM, Mike went in to use it (it was enclosed) and I waited for him outside taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Dhaka. About three feet from me, I noticed two little boys watching a man as he was tying something with a string. Suddenly, the man threw something into the air toward the electric wires above. You’ll never guess what it was in a million years…

It was a small rat tied from his tail to a rock. The string wrapped around the wire like a pair of tennis shoes tied together. So to recap: dangling outside the hotel from an electric wire is a small rat…nice.