Coming this fall…

Every village has one –that rambunctious little scamp whom everyone likes to pick on. The one who spends most of his life running away from the bigger kids. All the girls don’t want to be arranged to marry to him.  He’s a mix of Dennis the Menace, Eddie Haskill and Steve Urkell all rolled into one.

That’s Mooshiet!

 Not the sharpest tool in the shed but very sweet at the same time, he’s a character all of his own. We couldn’t make him up if we tried. One day, he went off to school only to return about an hour later. His reasoning – it’s hot. Well Mooshiet, this is Bangladesh and heat is kind of its thing!

Seriously, we could write a sitcom about this precocious little seven-year-old…we already have a title 🙂

Mooshiet is the middle child…if only you could follow his wacky adventures like we did…